New Careers in Flight

UAV’s will be used for: •Photography -real estate / promotions / event production •Agriculture -monitor crop health / watering need / applications •Public Service -search and rescue / disaster recovery / fire assessment •Wildlife & Forestry Management •News – traffic…

Fixed Wing

Single and Multiengine training for: Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Airline Transport Pilot, Flight Instructor, Flight Instructor Instrument, Ground Instructor Tail Wheel Training Pilot Ground School Course: -Private Pilot Ground School (Airplane) -Commercial Pilot Ground School (Airplane) -Instrument Rating…

Unmanned Aerial Systems

The future of flight is now.  Innova Flight® is leading the way in the USA with training systems specifically designed to incorporate new FAA regulation, the highest standard of Safety Procedures and an innovative training process.  Innova Flight® commercial operations are conducted with strict adherence to the new FAA Part 107 regulation to offer Flight Instruction on Unmanned Aerial Systems.  Innova Flight has also received FAA approval of a Section 333 Exemption to offer UAS training.

Innova Flight® has teamed with Unmanned Systems, Inc., to exclusively offer patented Sandstorm® and LongShot® Products.   Control any drone from anywhere is the world with a broadband connection.